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    Physical – Functional elements of the Supply Chain

    In today’s multi-faceted global supply chain, there lies a complex web of issues driven by the absence of direct collaboration or flow between external and internal logistics.

    As products physically flow from raw supply through the value chain then finally to consumer, critical information is siloed creating inefficiencies, poor quality and increase cost.

    The enterprise solution ShipperVision

    Synchronizes external logistics (Transportation) with internal logistics (shop floor) to the entire supply chain.

    Methodology built on Lean principles, and a strong adoption of Plan For Every Part processes

    Enabled by best-in-class technologies that will play a support role to your existing ERP systems

    Results in a transparent, instant collaboration that will balance and improve supply and demand planning horizon without manual effort

    Methodology– The way we engage

    Our 4 – phase, process road map delivers positive outcomes with more choice, more transparency, safely and efficiently.

    Phase 1 Agreement

    • . Establish Agreement
    • . Identify Project Team
    • . Define Objectives and Scope

    Phase 2 AS-is / To-be

    • . Gather Current and Proposed Process Capabilities
    • . Map As-is
    • . Map To-be
    • . Identify gaps
    • . Validate Value Opportunities with Ops and Finance
    • . Finalize Engineering project plan

    Phase 3 Data Management

    • . Populate Data in VisionPFEP TM
    • . Simulation Modeling
    • . Design Buy-in
    • . Define Metrics
    • . Document Results & Deliverables
    • . Define Material Flow, Risks & Contingencies

    Phase 4 Finalize & Implement

    • . Complete & Validate Final Design/Solution
    • . Conduct Training
    • . Implement Design & Monitor

    Continuous Improvement and Reinvention



    Best-in-class combination of off-the-shelf and in-house developed

    • . Proprietary solutions
    • . Partner applications and Software

    Transportation – External Logistics

    Whether managing a load of freight, a network of providers, or your own fleet, our portfolio of transportation solutions is agile, efficient, and dynamically focused on delivering a greater value / dollar spent.

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    Material Order Management
    Integration (Machine to Machine XML, EDI, etc.) or manual web-browser entry or customer’s real-time material orders through their MRP systems
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    Rates and Schedules Management
    Compare multimode rates and schedules to optimize shipments. Get full visibility of contract rates, preferred shipping schedules and spot rates.
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    Shipment Planning & Optimization
    Material order consolidation, dynamic shipment optimization across all modes, and load building based on customers customized business rules.
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    Shipment Visibility
    Proactively mitigate disruptions and make better decisions with Real-time ETA tracking on all modes, all legs, anywhere.
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    Reduce time and effort required for freight bill audits with an integrated upfront processes that ensure accuracy and transparency prior to final payment issue.
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    Dock Scheduling
    Eliminate dock congestion by implementing the Carriergistics DockVision and schedule dock appointments electronically to ensure your dock resources are optimized.
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    Transportation Forecasting
    Plan transportation with the same level of detail as finished goods.
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    Access more capacity

    Make actionable decision with a customizable dashboard of s Key Performance Indicators KPI’s.

    Transportation – Internal Logistics

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    VisionPFEP TM, Plan-for-every-part
    Is the foundational decision-making tool used to deliver speed, visibility and efficiencies to the supply chain.
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    Warehouse Design / Build
    Our solutions include designing a layout, implementing processes, equipment, and visibility tools to help you improve efficiency and customer service levels.
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    Simulation Modeling
    Whether you need to improve, redevelop or start from scratch, engaging a simulation modeling exercise will improve your solution delivery and success rate vs traditional 2D process improvement methods.
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    Packaging Engineering
    We offer End-to-End design, engineering, procurement and implementation for both line side material presentation and finish goods requirements.
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    Lean Principles Training
    We provide a verity of online and in person learning options that once deployed can deliver sustainable improvements to your staff moral, process efficacies and bottom line. Our lean journey approach focuses on the education, training, inspiration, ongoing mentorship from leadership to associate.


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