About Us

Carriergistics was created to provide small carriers the infrastructure and scale they need to compete head-to-head with the large national carriers, without giving up their unique brand identity in the market.

Connect customers with the knowledge, solutions, and expertise that delivers accelerated margin improvements.

Why Join our Fleet Buying Group – CarrierGear?


CarrierGear is simple, safe and FREE to join

Strength in Numbers

All banding together for a common goal: to drive out cost, work with the best suppliers available and improve profitability for your businesses.

Reduce costs

Members realize total cost savings between 4-15% and more in some cases.

Gain access

As Members, you now have a seat at the table to access the latest products, services, and technologies that was once only reserved for large mega fleets.

Vendor consolidation

Reduce the number of relationships you have to manage in your day to day running of your business, so you can focus on customers, your drivers and margin generation.




Recognize that delivering value to our customers is the only path to thrive.



Conduct all business, internally and externally with honesty and integrity.


Accept personal accountability and recognize that we can only succeed if our customers succeed.



Recognize people are our primary assets and behave accordingly.