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    ChannelVision – Fostering NO LOSE long-term relationships.

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    The Carriergistics ChannelVision program adds value to our vendor and supplier partners thru multiple channels.
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    Value thru AccessGain exclusive access and integration with the Carriergistics’ network and improve customer acquisition cost and cost of goods sold.

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    Value thru SalesAccess to incremental revenue streams.Resell our products with your brand through our Reseller Program. Gain additional Referral Program value by promoting Carriergistics small carrier/fleet services.

    CV efficiency

    Value thru EfficienciesOutsource your non mission critical functions and leverage the same services you are selling.

    3:1 is an ideal CAC ratio

    The value of a customer should be three times more than the cost of acquiring them.

    Klipfolio 2021 “Measure the Monetary Value of Each New Customer With The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) KPI”

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    Enjoy automatic access to new customers. Grow and strengthen your brand through the reselling of the Carriergistics’ portfolio of products.

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