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    We are building the largest connected network of Truckingprenuers in the trucking industry.

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    Our approach is unique and disruptive.
    CARRIERGISTICS is focused on delivering:

    . internal value to the asset side of the industry

    . improved Truckingpreneur profitability

    . better driver lifestyle and prestige

    . increased capacity and personalized service for freight owners

    and shareholder value.

    Carriergistics’ Excellence

    We’re knocking down the barriers that impede Truckingprenuers from owning their future, being empowered and growing business their way.

    increase margin

    save money

    Build relationships that
    create value


    Our “franchise-like” turn-key solution builds wealth by deploying procurement economies of scale, operational best practices, and building sustainable, repeatable revenue channels.

    Our wholesale capacity freight matching solution supports mid-market asset-based carriers and large supply chain managers with capacity and streamlined procurement. The underlying value of this offering is to our upstream The Ultimate Trucking Machine partner network, as all freight generated from this solution is only available to our internal network of The Ultimate Trucking Machine partners.

    Our solution rich supply chain management offering that focuses on both tactical all mode freight management and strategic supply chain management solutions encompassing both internal and external logistics needs.

    Our eCommerce marketplace delivers VALUE to both Fleet and Drivers in general as well as additional pricing power to our The Ultimate Trucking Machine network on products and services at discounts not available to them directly.

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    We are looking for strategic investors to join our journey and transform trucking. .

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